Critical illness insurance

Receive a cash lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness to help with your own and your dependent's financial commitments.

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Our advisors are available to help you when purchasing critical illness insurance. We offer an independent and free service where we aim to find you the most appropriate policy for your needs at a competitive premium for you. We work with the major UK critical illness providers, and you can get started by providing us with your contact information.

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What is critical illness insurance?

Critical illness insurance pays out a cash lump sum if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness covered under the policy terms. The payout may be commonly used to cover some of the policyholder’s expenses, such as their day-to-day spending or outstanding loans and mortgages, however it’s up to you how you use the payment. Your policy will include a list of critical illnesses that are covered and, therefore eligible to claim for. You may be able to increase your cover to include more critical illnesses, but this depends on your medical history, provider and other details.

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What critical illnesses are covered?

When comparing critical illness policies, you’ll be provided with more information about the types of critical illnesses covered. Your cover depends on the type of policy you purchase, and you may find that more expensive policies offer a wider range of cover. We recommend that you talk through the options with one of our advisors so that we can discuss the options. However, we’ve listed some of the critical illnesses you may be able to get cover for below:

Note: Additional terms may apply for a claim to be valid, such as a condition leading to permanent or ongoing health issues.

Alzheimer’s disease
Bacterial meningitis
Cardiac arrest
Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
Heart attack
Heart surgery
HIV infection
Kidney failure
Liver failure
Multiple sclerosis
Motor neurone disease
Parkinson’s disease
Speech loss
Traumatic head injury

What critical illness cover options are available?

When purchasing critical illness cover, you may have the option to adjust your policy around your needs. The options available will depend on the provider, your medical history, and other personal information. Some of the options that you may be able to choose from include:


Level cover

The amount you pay for the policy does not change, and neither does the payout amount you could receive when making a claim.


Decreasing cover

The amount you pay does not change, but the payout amount reduces over time. This may be a cheaper option than level cover due to the decreasing cover.


Joint policy

Cover yourself and another individual, such as your partner, on a single policy with the same terms.


Children’s cover

Include your children in the cover and receive a payout if they’re diagnosed with a critical illness.


Critical illnesses

You may be able to reduce or increase your cover to include a wider range of critical illnesses.


Policy length

Choose how long your policy covers you and how long you’ll need to pay the premium.

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What are the alternatives to critical illness cover?

Depending on your reason for purchasing a critical illness policy, there may be other alternative insurances available on the market that meet your needs. Some examples of the alternatives are as follows:

Health Insurance

Access private medical services when you have health complications.A health insurance policy covers you for diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions. Your provider pays for these expenses while you pay a monthly or annual premium.

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Income protection

If you’re concerned about covering your expenses as a result of being unable to work due to injury or illness, income protection is designed to support you with your financial commitments.

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How much does critical illness cover cost?

The cost of a critical illness policy varies from person to person, as it depends on many personal factors and decisions you make about your policy. We can help you understand how much you might pay by comparing policies on your behalf, but an example of factors that may influence the price include:

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Policyholder(s) age
Number of critical illnesses covered
Medical history
Policy length
Cover amount

Compare critical illness policies

Our independent advisors can help you compare the critical illness policies available on the UK market. We’ll work on your behalf to find the most suitable and competitively priced policy for you that provides you with the cover you need. This is a free service, and you’re under no obligation to purchase with us after comparing the policies for you. To get started, provide us with some contact information, and we’ll be in touch.

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What our advisors have to say about group critical illness

“Being diagnosed with a critical illness is difficult for anyone and their families. This type of cover can help to alleviate some of the difficulties around the financial situation of those diagnosed so that they have one less thing to worry about”

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Cover individual employees against their death or a critical illness diagnosis and provide financial support to their dependents.

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