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Take a private health assessment to understand your current mental and physical health better. Create an action plan and access ongoing support services to improve areas of health.

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Our specialist consumer division can help you with any questions you have around personal health assessments. When you’re ready to get a quote, we can help compare the options available on the UK market. We'll aim to find you the assessment that includes all of the tests and checks that are important to you at a price that suits your budget.

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What is a personal health assessment?

A personal health assessment is something that an individual can purchase to better understand their health and wellbeing. You’ll be assessed via several checks and tests before a medical professional shares your results with you. After your health assessment, you may have access to ongoing support services that aim to improve your health and wellbeing, which may be specifically targeted around any concerns raised during the assessment.

What do health assessments include?

The checks and tests you’ll receive from a health assessment depend on the type of assessment you choose and who the provider is. You may have the option to pick and choose the tests that you’re most interested in, or take them all for a more rounded understanding of how your current health and wellbeing is. Some examples of the types of services your health assessment may include are:

Lifestyle review

Mental health check

Physical and fitness levels

General wellbeing assessment

Ongoing support and advice

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What happens during a health assessment?

You may have the option of taking a health assessment at a medical facility or in your own home. If you’re taking the assessment at home, you’ll be provided with a kit and questionnaire that you’ll need to complete and send off before your virtual assessment. If you’re visiting a medical facility, the tests and assessments will take place during your visit. What happens during your health assessment will depend on the type of tests you’ve opted in for, with some examples being as follows:

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Lung health
Blood pressure
Cholesterol levels
Mobility & flexibility
Body mass index (BMI)
Liver and kidney function
Resting heart activity
Haemoglobin levels
Physical fitness
Mental wellbeing
Dietary analysis
Body fat percentage

What happens after your health assessment?

Finding out your results is only part of the goal of health assessment. The other important factor is using these results to set lifestyle and health goals that aim to improve areas of concern or ill health. Depending on who your provider is, you may have access to ongoing support services and resources for a set length of time after your assessment. The types of support you may receive could be:

Creating an action plan to meet your lifestyle and health goals.
Calls or meetings with coaches to review your action plan.
Mental health support and advice lines.
24/7 hotline to speak to a nurse.
Access to digital tools that support wellbeing.

Why should you consider a health assessment?


Understanding your current health levels may give you peace of mind.


Health assessments may help you get tests quickly that you’d otherwise have to wait for.


They may help uncover any health concerns before they become serious.


Taking regular health assessments may help you to track your health levels over a long period of time.


As a result of your assessment, you may receive a personalised action plan that’s designed to improve your mental and physical health.


You may get access to additional supportive and preventative services aimed at improving your health.

How much will a health assessment cost you?

The cost of health assessments varies based on several factors, but as a general rule, the more tests, checks and assessments you opt for, the more you’ll pay. We can help you understand how much you can expect to pay based on your wants and needs, as well as helping you find the most competitively priced policy. Below are some examples of what may influence the price you’ll pay:

The number of tests, checks and assessments carried out.
The provider you choose to carry out the assessments.
Whether your assessment is virtual or carried out at a medical facility.
Whether you’re an existing member with the provider, such as having a health insurance policy with them.

Compare health assessments

If you’re considering purchasing a health assessment, our advisors can help you compare the options available on the UK market. We’ll ask some questions to understand your needs better, and we’ll use this information to find you the most suitable policy. Please provide us with some contact information and a member of our team will get back to you.

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“Health assessments may be a great way for an individual to get a picture of how their overall health is doing, and create a targeted action plan based on the results”

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