Employee health assessments

Health assessments may help you to understand the general health of your employees, and whether there are any risks to your staff and business due to health issues. Receive and implement action plans that aim to combat these risks, while benefitting from a healthier workforce.

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Our independent advisors are on hand to help you with any questions and find the right plan for your business. We’ll get to know more about you and your employees to understand which health assessment services would provide the most value to you at a competitive price.

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What are employee health checks?

Employee health checks are designed to help businesses and their employees understand their current health and wellbeing levels. They aim to highlight any health risks to your company and may include ongoing support programmes to reduce these risks and improve employee health.

Companies may be able to reduce absenteeism and improve the general wellbeing of their employees through targeted assessments. Depending on the plan, health checks may occur at dedicated clinics, virtually, in your office, or in an employee's home.

What do health checks include?

There are many options for health checks, ranging from basic tests to evaluate a select number of common health issues to comprehensive plans that aim to uncover a wide range of potential risks. Some examples of what may be included in employee health checks are as follows:

Blood pressure
Heart rate
Lifestyle review
Cholesterol levels
Metabolic rate
Calorie intake
Lung capacity
Bowel screening
Cardiovascular tests
Mental health
Wellbeing support plans
GP sessions
Medical helplines
Body fat percentage

What happens when you book an employee health assessment?

After purchasing a health assessment plan, your provider will contact you to begin the process. How this process unfolds depends on who your provider is and the type of plan you’ve purchased, but an example of what may happen is as follows:


You’ll be asked to choose the dates the assessments will take place, as well as confirming where they’ll happen.


Your employees will receive information about their upcoming assessments, and you’ll be given access to a system to book individual health assessments.


Employees may be asked to complete a pre assessment questionnaire, where they’ll provide basic information about their health and lifestyle.


On the day of the health assessment, medical professionals will carry out checks and tests. What these include depends on the type of plan you purchased.


Following the assessment, your employees will receive a report about their health, as well as some recommendations to improve areas of concern.


The business will receive a report about the company's overall health, highlighting risks and areas to improve upon.


Following the report, the provider will work with the business and individual employees to create an ongoing plan that aims to reduce health risks.

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Should your business consider employee assessments?

Understand the overall health of your workforce and any potential risk.

Help your employees understand their health risks, as well as their habits that may cause future complications.

Taking actions to reduce health risks may help to reduce absenteeism and the associated costs.

Demonstrate to your employees that you care about their health by including health checks as part of their benefits package.

Provide peace of mind to employees who may have health concerns and may otherwise not be assessed.

Help your employees to live healthier lives by uncovering damaging habits and taking actions to improve their wellbeing while at work.

Get information from health professionals about your office setup and whether there are any changes you can make.

Reduce or remove the need for your employees to purchase individual health assessments, and offer them greater financial freedom.

You may be able to deduct the cost of employee health assessments from pre tax profits.

How much do employee health assessments cost?

There isn’t a single cost for employee health assessments. The price will depend on the type of assessments you want to be included, the level of support services being offered to your staff, and many other factors. We recommend you go through a comparison service to understand the available policies and their associated costs. Some examples of factors that may influence the price you pay include:

The number of employees being assessed
Where the assessments take place
The type of assessments taking place
The length of the plan
Whether you include additional support services
How often the assessments happen

Where can you purchase health assessments?

Many UK providers offer this service, each offering unique benefits and packages. You can review all of these independently or by utilising a comparison service from a broker that works with these providers directly.

Compare employee health assessment plans

Our independent advisors can help businesses of all sizes compare their options. We work directly with the major UK providers, meaning we can answer questions and compare multiple plans on your behalf. This service is free, and you’re under no obligation to purchase through us. We aim to take the hassle and complexity out of finding the right plan, and you can utilise this service by providing us with some basic contact information.

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What do our advisors have to say about health assessments?

“Not only do health assessments help companies to understand and reduce risks, they can provide peace of mind and helpful action plans for your workforce. Providing this as an ongoing service to your employees can provide substantial benefits over a long period of time”

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Health assessment FAQs

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