Travel and holiday insurance

Protect yourself and your family when travelling outside of the UK. Choose from various cover options for a range of issues and scenarios you may find yourself in while travelling.

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Through our partner, Pulse Travel, you can discuss the options available to help you stay covered while travelling overseas.

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What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers you for various risks and scenarios you may find yourself in when travelling. Cover options range from medical expenses, such as emergency treatment, to losses you may incur as a result of cancellations, such as your flights. 

Travel insurance offers financial compensation up to policy limits, which means that if you do find yourself in a situation covered by your policy, your insurer will compensate you up to a maximum value. As an example, if you have medical cover for emergency medical treatment up to £10,000,000, your costs may be be covered up to that amount.

Our travel insurance partner - Pulse Travel

We’ve partnered with Pulse Travel, a trustworthy and experienced travel insurance company that has been supporting individuals, groups and businesses with their travel insurance needs since 1998. Pulse are able to discuss various options and advise you on cover based on your wants and needs.

What does travel insurance cover you for?

Every travel insurance policy is different, and there are a range of cover options and policy limit amounts to choose from. Some examples of common cover options are:

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Medical expenses

Trip cancellation

Travel documents

Baggage delays

Travel disruption

Airspace closure

Winter sports

Legal fees

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Cover limits explained

Your travel insurance policy will include policy limits for each of your coverage options. This means that you’re covered up to a specific cost, but any amount after this wouldn’t be included in your policy. Some example policy limits could be:

Cancellation/curtailment: up to £10,000
Medical emergency including repatriation: Up to £10,000,000
Legal expenses: Up to £50,000
Delayed baggage: Up to £1,000
Search and rescue: Up to £25,000

Pulse Travel can usually arrange travel insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. However, if for some reason they are unable to find you affordable travel insurance for your medical conditions, the Money Advice Service has launched a directory listing companies that may be able to help you. The directory can be accessed by either clicking here or calling 0800 138 7777. 

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If you need travel insurance for an upcoming trip overseas, Pulse can help you through their cover options, answer any questions and guide you through the various options for free. You’re under no obligation to purchase, and you can get started now by providing us with some basic contact information.

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Travel and Holiday Insurance

Travel and Holiday Insurance

Protect yourself and your family while travelling outside of the UK. Choose from various cover options for a range of issues and scenarios you may find yourself in while travelling.

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