Business health cash plans

Help your employees with their health related costs through a business health cash plan. Cover expenses such as dental, optical and subscriptions up to a limit for the employees covered under the plan.

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Our advisors are available to answer any questions you have about health cash plans and help you find the right cover for you and your team. Based in the UK, we offer an independent service to help businesses find a health cash plan that works for them.

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What is a business health cash plan?

Company health cash plans are a type of employee benefit that pay toward some medical treatments and services up to a specific limit. A business can choose which types of treatments and services they want to cover their employees for, and when an employee receives covered treatment, they may be able to claim back some of the costs.

For each treatment type, there will be an upper limit that employees can receive as cashback in a calendar year, so any claims after that amount may not be paid. Businesses can create a health cash plan based on the types of health treatments they want their employees to have support with, as well as having control over employee limits.

What’s covered under a business health cash plan?

The types of services and treatments your employees can receive cashback for depends on your policy and who the provider is. You may have the option of including one, several or all coverage options.

The more you include in your plan, the more comprehensive the range of treatments your employees will be able to benefit from. However, it’s important to understand that this may also lead to an increase in price, and there may be claim limits on each specific service. Some examples of what employees will be able to claim back on include:

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Such as eye tests, glasses or contact lenses


Such as fillings, dentures and check ups


Such as visits to therapists or dieticians


Such as NHS or private prescription charges


Such as osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy

Family cover

Such as a spouse or dependent

Mental health support

Such as tools or therapists

Hospital admissions

Such as inpatient or outpatient visits


Such as 24/7 access to a nurse

Virtual services

Such as GP appointments

Should you consider a health cash plan for your employees?

Health cash plans may financially support your employees by reimbursing them for treatments they’d otherwise have to pay for.

Providing this benefit may help attract skilled employees to your business and retain them once they’ve been employed.

Where families are also covered, health cash plans may provide peace of mind to your employees that their loved ones have access to the same services.

Having access to this type of plan may encourage employees to live healthier lives, reducing the chance of sickness.

Your business may be able to deduct the cost of health cash plans from pre tax profits.

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How do business health cash plan claims work?

Unlike business health insurance, health cash plans reimburse employees for covered treatments rather than paying by direct settlement to the provider of services. This means that the claims process works slightly differently, and your employees will need to follow a process when making a claim:


Check that any treatment being received is covered under the policy terms.


If previous claims have been made, make sure that an employee hasn’t exceeded their annual claims limit.


If the treatment is covered and eligible for reimbursement, the employee will need to pay for it themselves, then submit a claim for reimbursement.


After receiving the treatment, keep the receipt and share this with the insurance provider. Each insurer will have at limit on the time you have to make a claim, employees should ensure the claim is submitted before their insurers time limit.


Following a successful review, the provider will reimburse the cost of the treatment.

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Please note: This process may vary per provider, and additional support on the claims process will be available after purchasing your policy.

How much does a business health cash plan cost?

As with all insurances, the amount business health cash plans may cost depends on factors unique to the company. As a general rule, if you opt for broader coverage with higher annual limits, you can expect to pay more compared to a less comprehensive plan.

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The number of employees you’re covering
The upper limits of each type of medical service
Whether families are also covered
The types of health treatments you include as cover options
The insurance provider you choose to go with

Compare business health cash plans

Business health cash plans vary per provider, and the type of policies available will depend on factors unique to your company. Our independent advisors can help you compare the options available across major UK providers, offering an unbiased approach to finding the right policy. Provide us with some basic information, and we’ll get back to you.

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What our advisors have to say about health cash plans

“Health cash plans allow companies to offer financial support to their employees for a wide range of services, helping everyone covered to benefit”

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