Put benefits in the hands of your employees

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Working together

We have partnered with Amba and their employee benefits platform, Lumina as our preferred technology solution, to help your employees engage with the great range of benefits your offer.

Premier Choice Group x Amba
Lumina portal

Lumina: technology that benefits everybody

Having a strong benefit range may make all the difference when attracting, retaining and supporting your employees.  Having a platform that allows employees to interact and boosts engagement with these benefits to take things to the next level.

Lumina can host your all your employee benefits, both those supplied by PCH plus any others you have or may wish to add, and allows employees to understand, make changes and engage with their benefits.

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What’s included

The Amba team can manage the administration of benefits for you and provide reporting and engagement information back, so get a clear picture of where employees are getting the most from their benefits.

Built upon more than 20 years of HR expertise

The team at Amba has taken years of expertise in employee engagement and used it to create Lumina, a platform that works for businesses of every size.

Employee benefits right at your fingertips

When you want a benefits platform that speaks to what you and your people care about most, Lumina lets you offer it all.

To find out more and get a demo, contact your account manager.